A Square Grill Pan Brings The Grilling Bliss Indoors

Finding some great ways to grill at my new apartment has been so much fun. I moved into this new place with my boyfriend and it has been great to have a nice and big kitchen where we can experiment and try out some new recipes and cook some real food. We have both been cooking a lot more now that we have a nice area to cook in.

It has been cool to find some kitchen essentials so that we can fill our new kitchen with all of the things that we need to cook up a storm. We love to grill, and when we can’t grill on the rooftop deck, we are grilling indoors. Our new grill pan has been perfect for grilling all of our favorite dishes and having a great time doing it.

With the square grill pan, we don’t have to let the weather stop us from having a freshly-grilled and totally tasty meal. The grill pan is easy to clean and we can even serve the food right on the pan because of its stylish and elegant design. We are excited to use it for our housewarming that we are planning on having in a couple of weeks.